Mark Center

The Mark Center in Alexandria is the new planned location for the Washington Headquarters Service (WHS) and a number of other DoD agencies. The facility now owned and currently under construction by the federal government, while technically part of Fort Belvoir, is on Mark Center property located at the intersection of Seminary Road and Beauregard Street at the I-395 Interchange. 

BRAC-133 will bring 6,400 new jobs to Alexandria when it is completed in September 2011. The new buildings will be one of the most visible landmarks on the City of Alexandria’s West End. Additionally, growth of this magnitude will bring complex transportation issues that will affect businesses, residents, and other commuters in the area. The City is aware of these challenges, and City leaders, staff, and the BRAC-133 Advisory Group have been working, and continue to work with our state and federal partners on solutions.

Resources & Relocation  Update

BRAC 133

2005 BRAC Action number


jobs relocating to this base

Relocation in Progress

estimated completion date: Aug 2012

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