Ft. Knox

Fort Knox, home of the renowned US Department of Treasury Depository, is a 109,000 acre military installation located about an hour southwest of Louisville, Kentucky.

Although Fort Knox will lose about 4,600 position due to the BRAC-related departure of the Army Armor Center and School and other DoD activities, the Army Human Resources Command will relocate to Ft. Knox and bring approximately 4,300 civilian positions as the HR activities from Virginia, Indiana and Missouri are consolidated.

The 2005 BRAC initiative calls for Fort Knox to become the U.S. Army Human Resources Center, which will oversee human resources functions for the entire army. Fort Knox also will be pick up several other commands, including the U.S. Army Accessions Command, the U.S. Army Cadet Command, the 84th Army Reserve Region Training Center, the Army Reserve 100th Division and the 3rd Brigade of the 1st Infantry Division.   The transformation of Fort Knox includes the addition of an infantry brigade combat team and all of the Army’s human resources functions. The changes are expected to bring a net gain of 2,500 military, 2,000 civilian and 1,000 permanent contractor jobs to the Hardin County military post.  

Resources & Relocation  Update

BRAC 148

2005 BRAC Action number


jobs relocating to this base

Relocation Completed

as of late 2010

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