BRAC Task Force

The BRAC Transition Task Force was formed by the Economic Development Commission (EDC) in October 2005 and endorsed by the County Board in December 2005. Their purpose was to advise the County Board by identifying impacts and opportunities arising from the 2005 BRAC recommendations to relocate DoD agencies operating out of leased office space in Arlington.

The BRAC Task Force included four members of the Arlington Economic Development Commission and four industry experts invited to serve by the County Board. They were:

Marty Almquist, Equity Office Properties

Glenn K. Davidson, EquaTerra Public Sector

Jeffrey A Finkle, International Economic Development Council

Loretta Franklin, DeVry University

Jerry Norris, Battlespace Inc.

Erik R. Pages, EntreWorks Consulting

Thomas G. Rhame, Association of the United States Army

Mark Troppe, National Center on Education and the Economy

Four key themes directed the work of the Task Force:

  1. View BRAC impacts as an opportunity.
  2. The uncertainties of timing about specific moves and the lack of information about workforce characteristics will continue throughout the BRAC transition period.
  3. Think broadly about finding other economic anchors to replace DoD.
  4. New programs and initiatives should have relevance beyond the immediate response to BRAC.

Working within the context of these themes, the Task Force produced a set of strategic recommendations covering four areas of impact and four support structures to assist Arlington’s response:

  • Infrastructure Development;
  • Planning and Development;
  • Business and Workforce Assistance;
  • Business and Tenant Incentives;
  • Communications and Outreach;
  • Federal and State Legislative Initiatives;  Marketing, and Monitoring, Management; and
  • Evaluation

Progress toward the recommendations, including additional research and planning, continue and will be in effect until the end of this BRAC round. Because BRAC is dynamic by nature, the Task Force emphasized building flexibility into any plans while advancing toward identified goals.

Main Task Force Recommendations

As a “jump start”, the Task Force delineated a “Top Ten First Steps” to help focus Arlington’s response:

  1. Establish a BRAC transition center to provide evolving workforce and business assistance.
  2. Streamline the permitting process to facilitate tenant occupancy and building construction.
  3. Initiate a formal planning process to create a new vision for and revitalize Crystal City.
  4. Formulate strategies to maximize federal, state, and local government appropriations.
  5. Develop and implement an integrated marketing and communications plan.
  6. Conduct research to better understand and address workforce and business needs.
  7. Establish a focal point for coordination of BRAC activities.
  8. Develop a project-specific work plan and allocate adequate resources for its successful execution.
  9. Formulate business incentive strategies to attract desirable tenants to Crystal City.
  10. Institute an ongoing monitoring, management, and evaluation program.

Activity on each “first step” is fully engaged with the BRAC Transition Center serving as the operations center for the project.

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