Workforce Services

All BRAC-affected Department of Defense civilian employees and contractors, as well as their spouses/partners and dependents, are eligible to receive career development resources and services through the BRAC Transition Center.  

As an impacted worker, our professional staff can help turn challenges into opportunities: we'll help you explore options and make decisions based on your career goals. 

Programs and Services for BRAC-Impacted Workers

Visit the BRAC Transition Center to learn how you can benefit from our programs and services, including:

  • Career planning and skill assessment
  • Job search and job matching
  • Resume review and preparation
  • Federal employment application assistance
  • Networking assistance

Where Do I Begin?

As a BRAC-impacted Department of Defense civilian or contract employee, the decision whether or not to follow your realigned position is intensely challenging.  The choices you must make depend on many factors including family, housing, and economic issues.  You have a sizable investment in your career and also need to consider the best strategy for your continued career development.

Being BRAC-impacted is can be a stressful and life-changing event.  You have a sizable investment in your career, so you need to consider the best strategy for your continued career development.  If your job is BRAC-impacted and you need assistance, please contact us.

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