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All Arlington-based businesses are eligible to receive business development resources and technical assistance through the BRAC Transition Center.

Beyond the direct effects to leased office space and DoD civilian workers, BRAC will also have an impact on retailers, aspiring entrepreneurs, small business owners, government contractors and nongovernmental companies that support BRAC'd DoD agencies and their workers.  As a retailer, business owner, contractor or aspiring entrepreneur in Arlington or the D.C. Metro region, the next few years will be a time of change, transition, exploration and examination of business practices.  

Are you and your business prepared to manage this transition?  Ask yourself:

Programs and Services for BRAC-Impacted Businesses

Visit the BRAC Transition Center to learn how you can benefit from our programs and services, including:

• Business in a Box (customized toolkit for starting a new business)

• Start-up and existing business assessment tool

• Business planning assistance (business plan, financing, marketing, etc.)

• Government contracting assistance related to BRAC business development opportunities

• Expansion and/or relocation assistance

• Seminars, events, and networking opportunities for businesses

• Up to date status on the progress of the BRAC moves

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