Although BRAC is fundamentally about the reorganization and consolidation of military facilities, its impact is first and foremost about people.  As part of the BRAC process, over 24,000 jobs will be affected, with approximately 13,000 jobs lost in Crystal City alone.  These figures do not include the potential loss of contractors supporting the relocating Department of Defense agencies.  BRAC-impacted Department of Defense civilian or contract employees will have to make the tough decision whether or not to follow their realigned positions.  Employees in eliminated positions will likely need to search for new jobs.

Arlington's highly educated and dynamic workforce is one of its greatest assets.  Businesses benefit from a thriving workforce and close proximity to Washington, DC-based clients.  BRAC-affected workers will cope with daunting challenges while also facing exciting possibilities for career development.   The BRAC Transition Center was designed to respond to the unique and specific needs of each individual BRAC-impacted worker.

Learn more about the BRAC Transition Center's resources and services for BRAC-impacted workers.

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