Foxcroft Heights


Foxcroft Heights is a small, diverse neighborhood built on land that once served as a Freedman's Village after the Civil War. It is bounded by Columbia Pike to the south and Northgate Road to the north. Its three residential streets are surrounded by military installations and major thoroughfares, isolating Foxcroft Heights from its South Arlington neighbors across Washington Boulevard and on the other side of Interstate 395. The Foxcroft Heights Neighborhood Association, formed in 2003 by John Swope, continues to serve as the focal point for neighborhood discussion and involvement in the broader community. In 2008 the County Board conducted a Walking Town Meeting in Foxcroft Heights with its military neighbors at Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall.

Historically the community developed in the early 1900s. The Central Building Company began selling new homes to Washington-area newcomers. The Building Company, owned by the Kibler family, purchased the one-and-a-half acre of land on which Foxcroft Heights now stands. With the exception of several parcels including the area now known as South Orme Street, Ode Street, and Oak Streets in the southwestern section of the estate near present day Columbia Pike, much of the land has been developed by the Federal government, including acreage used by the Arlington National Cemetery, Pentagon, Henderson Hall, Navy Annex, and the Air Force Memorial.

BRAC Impact

The effects of the 2005 BRAC recommendations are expected to soon surround the community as transportation routes such as Columbia Pike get rerouted, Southgate Road is closed for public use, Arlington Cemetery takes over the Navy Annex land, and state construction plans evolve. Arlington County Government continues to help monitor these projects with Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall, VDOT, and Arlington Cemetery.

Source: Foxcroft Heights Civic Association

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