Commercial Developers

The 2005 BRAC round is unprecedented for several reasons. First, this round is larger than the four previous rounds combined, and second, this is the first round to deliberately address removal of DoD activities from leased office space as a matter of policy. As a result, we are closely monitoring the agency relocation timelines, GSA activity, and AT/FP initiatives for affects to Arlington’s commercial market. 

On this site, you can access our BRAC Agency Tracking Database, listing every building in Arlington affected by the 2005 BRAC statue, the affected activity located in the building, lease stats, and relocation information. The database is updated monthly. We will also publish graphs with GSA activity in BRAC’d buildings on a monthly basis. As relevant and available, we will include articles and links to items of interest, such as legislative activity regarding AT/FP and the Presidential Executive Order. We hope this site will be useful to your work. Please feel free to email us at with any questions or comments.          

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