Arlington Community

Arlington has established itself as a community of destination for residents, business, and visitors alike. Our proximity to the Nation’s capital with exceptional access to transit and air garner us advantages few jurisdictions can claim. Home to the Pentagon and the Pentagon Memorial and the nation’s most hallowed military burial ground, Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington welcomes millions of visitors each year to share offerings of events, food, and fun. While visitors move fluidly in and out of our community, residents and businesses are settled into a daily rhythm that moves them from day to night, taking as given our networks and systems of access and operations. 

In November 2005, these systems and networks were irrevocably changed as a result of the Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) decisions, a process the Department of Defense (DoD) uses to realign its force structure.  Because the breadth of the impact is exhaustive and relevant to the Arlington community as a whole, we will publish news stories, presentations, meeting information, legislative items, and other relevant information on this page for your use. 

The 2005 BRAC statue will remove approximately 17,000 jobs from Arlington, which vacates 4.2M SF of leased office space, and relocate 1,200 jobs from Crystal City to the Army National Guard Readiness Center (Guard) on S. George Mason Drive and Arlington Blvd. While the focus of the impact is in Crystal City (13,000 of the 17,000 jobs and 3.2M of the 4.2M SF of office space), the effects are relevant for all Arlington residents and businesses.  

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