Alcova Heights


Alcova Heights was given its name by real estate developer J. Cloyd Byars. "Alcova" stands for Alexandria County, Virginia, so named because of the land on which it was located, Alexandria County (distinct from the City of Alexandria). It was renamed Arlington County in 1920. Alcova Heights is bound by Columbia Pike to the South, George Mason Drive to the West, Arlington Boulevard to the North, and South Glebe Road to the East.

Founded on January 21, 1966, the Alcova Heights Citizens Association (AHCA) represents the residents of its neighborhood in a variety of situations, including relations with the County Board, commercial developers, individual residents, and with other groups. Until this time, Alcova Heights had been included in the territory of the Columbia Pike Citizens Association. AHCA holds general meetings every other month (except for a summer break) for residents to get together and discuss issues that affect the community.

BRAC Impact

Due to the 2005 BRAC congressional mandate, the Army National Guard Readiness Center will increase in size to approximately 2,500 personnel (from approximately 1,200). As a result, the Army National Guard Readiness Center has built an extension wing to accommodate the increased staff. AHCA uses Arlington County as a conduit to the Army National Guard Readiness Center BRAC personnel who oversee the project management to effect the least imposition on Alcova Heights.

Source: Alcova Heights Civic Association

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